CenteAgent is a service offered by the cooperative to its members and the community around as away to extend centenary Bank service nearer, since the next Centenary Bank branch is around 30km away from Nyamughasana so that Centenary Bank customers are able to carry out bank transactions at the cooperative head offices (Musasa trading Center-Kyondo sub-county). The cooperative has been selected and appraised by the Centenary Bank and then approved by Bank of Uganda. Upon approval, the Bank signed a contract with us, trained the staff and branded our premises prior to carrying transactions.

In order to access the service, one is required to hold an account with Centenary Bank and should follow the procedures after dialing *211# or using the CenteAgent Application on google play store. 


  •  Saves you money by reducing transport costs to travel to the Bank because it is now closer to the customers.
  • Customers can share any feedback with the bank through the CenteAgent.
  • There is no need to move around with big sums of money. Customers can deposit onto their account at a CenteAgent. 
  • ¬†Withdrawing money and making cash deposits.
  • Account opening and loan processing.
  • Transferring funds between bank accounts.
  • Bill payments.
  • Balance inquiry.
  • Getting mini statements.
  • Money transfer using mobile money.
  • School fees payment.
  • Airtime top up.