As far back as 1995, the idea of forming Nyamughasana Valley Farmers cooperative was being nursed as we were undergoing the Uganda change agent training at Nsenyi Catechitical center. From there, we formed Bukonzo East Change Agent branch; a branch that was one of the best performing branches nation wide. Our motto as change agents is “To help communities become self reliant”.We formed three trades; micro-finance, coffee and honey. Bidodo Benedict led the last as his collegues Baluku Paineto and Baluku Enid led the first two respectively. Bidodo couldn’t perform without mobilizing the bee-keepers and he began with his home parish, Kanyatsi. We named ourselves “UMOJA” Bee-keepers, Thendakalibwa Yofesi becoming our first chairperson. 



To take form and beginning producing bee products took us up to the year 2000. Our production was still low that we needed other bee-keepers to gain recognition. We went out to mobilize more to join us and by 2004, our number had increased from 14 to 68 and our production had reached a tonne of honey annually.

Organisations like BBC, SATNET had started taking notice of our performance and begun giving our members trainings and materials. Mr. Magezi of BBC was sent by KRC to train our bee-keepers in basic bee keeping practices.

  We seldom select even best gender performers i.e how our members relate husband, wife and children. This we rate during the farm field classes at the delivery of the produce and the sharing of funds at the time of being paid.

In 2010, we were finally registered as a legal cooperative society by the National Registra of Cooperatives and given the Reg.No of 9464/RCS.

Long live Nyamughasana Valley Farmers Cooperative Society.

Written by Bidodo Benedict 

Current Manager-Nyamughasana Valley Farmers Cooperative Society,

TEL:  +256 772184651